Silvestri: the production of biscuits machines that offers you more!

The industry dedicated to the machines for biscuits production is one of the main reasons for pride of our company.

We boast many years of experience in the industry and we render every day to offer increasingly advanced industrial solutions designed “customer-friendly.”

In addition to the design and manufacture of industrial mixers, the Silvestri company specializes in the supply of equipment and complete equipment for a range of activities including: bakeries, pizzerias and bakeries.

With each new contract we commit ourselves to interpret the real needs of the customer and we strive to offer a speedy and thorough professional response.

The proven expertise that has always bound customers to our brand has allowed us to impose ourselves on the market as a valuable reference point for companies and industries in the sector, both domestically and in foreign markets.

In the design and manufacture of our industrial mixers it is enclosed all the quality that has always distinguished our brand.

We use raw materials of high quality and we submit the various components to special treatments to ensure full respect of the main sanitation and safety standards.

Thanks to our design service and manufacture of machines for biscuits you can:

optimize the timing of the production process;
simplify maintenance operations of the machinery;
offer your customers the highest quality finished products.

Silvestri: the good biscuit that comes from the processing of first choice!