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SILVESTRI S.r.l. is a factory set in Veneto, north Italy, that has been dealing from more than forty years with the design and manufacturing of mixers for oven products in the food industry, in particular hard and soft biscuits, cookies, snacks, soft dough and crackers.

The company was established in the late seventies by Divo and Gerardo Silvestri, and it is currently growing with a new generation under the guidance of Marco Silvestri, mechanical engineer, and DavideSilvestri, Ph.D.

The companyhead office is located in the historical site of San Giorgio in Bosco and, due to the continuous growth of the company, the production recently moved to a new and larger facility in Fontaniva.

SILVESTRI S.r.l. technicians’ experience and skillsets are always devoted to the search for the most suitable solution for every customer’s requirement. A high level of proficiency and accuracy in the design and construction processes guarantee sturdy and long-lasting machinery:“Some bakery industries have still been using the same mixers from over thirty years” – says Marco – “Thus confirming the reliability and durability of our mixers”.

SILVESTRI S.r.l. is also synonymous of flexibility, thanks to its capacity to satisfy customer’s requirements and special needs; “We do our best to win our client’s trust. As a matter of fact many come back to purchase the same machinery, with updated features, after a long life cycle of the previous supply”.